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As the digital frontier continues to expand, our e-library endeavors to keep pace, ensuring that you have access to the latest advancements, methodologies, and insights from the world of Academics. Whether you're exploring,researching our e-library is here to support your journey.We encourage you to explore, download, and immerse yourself in the rich content available. Your pursuit of knowledge drives us to continuously update and expand our offerings. This E-library provide anytime, anywhere access to a vast collection of resources, breaking down geographical barriers and allowing you to access information from the comfort of your digital devices.


We have a strong academic tradition put in place by making the Library the hub of intellectual activities on campus. Towards this end, the University is harnessing human resource with a capacity for innovations while providing excellent service delivery.

Our Mission

To provide knowledge construct in many format that will complement classroom teaching and laboratory experiments. To facilitate access to published and unpublished information through Internet access and Internal information generation.

Our vision

The University Library seeks to support and enhance the vision of the university by providing a desirable learning, teaching and recreation resource for the university community and the scholarly world.

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